About Our Business

ARC was established in 1987 by managers that came directly from the Motorcycle industry.
We have served a variety of leading corporations in the Motorcycle Industry and have many years
of experience in the industry.  This sets us apart from other consulting companies who do not have 
unique knowledge specific to the Motorcycle industry.             

ARC primarily focuses on sales analysis, forecasting, dealer and territory network management.
We have also designed and implemented software systems to assist major corporations in these areas.

ARC integrates and coordinates with many software and data providers to put together a
comprehensive solution for our clients. ARC has extensive experience working with GIS solutions and
database systems to provide sophisticated network management models for our clients.   We have
worked extensively with MIC, Polk, and customer sales data.

For a consultation regarding your corporate needs in any of these areas please email or call us at
our offices to discuss your particular requirements.